10 January 2016


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Here's another outfit post. Unlike other countries, Singapore has only one season and that is summer. The most we'll get is only rain. Coming to January which is a month past December (the winter season), the weather is starting to get a little more humid over here at Singapore. So I decided to "lip" my Varsity outerwear together with a drawstring short which I have been wearing forever!!!

I actually wanted to pair this outfit with my Adidas backpack, but then my sis wanted to use it so I lend it to her for that day. Shoes is from J Shoes, and my cap is from Chatuchak - Bangkok. Speaking of Bangkok, my family is going there this April for their Songkran PLUS they're going to Banyan next week!!! WITHOUT ME!!! CAN YOU FEEL ME?!?!?! God damn it all because of the army I'm missing so much in life. :(((

But anyways, a little update about my life now. I'm currently going to 1 month in my unit life, and I think I'm slowly adapting to it already. I still remember the first few days I was so depressed and I really want to get out of there, but as days goes, things get better. My laptop also crashed recently (My Lenovo Laptop) which I bought it when I was in my Poly freshmen year. I still remember on my 01/01/16 post I said I'd hope a miracle would happen and that my laptop would revive itself. Sadly it didn't but my dad decided to buy me a new one. This time round I decided to go get a Macbook Pro instead of a Windows laptop. I went to play around with my new Macbook Pro and DAYUM! The iMovie is sooooo good! I can imagine myself doing up videos with that already. Apart from that, the down side of Mac is that I can't download some of the photo editing software that I used to have on my Lenovo laptop. But its okay I guess?!?! Cuz I can make do with other editing software. :)

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