09 January 2016

Coffeemin- Singapore's First Time Café

Hi. I finally have the time to sit down, edit my photos and write a proper blogpost. My life is now revolving around army and more army that I barely have time for my own. Every weekend I would just be like resting on my bed or meeting my friends. Unlike the past where I have plenty of time and I could blog like every other day. Furthermore, my Lenovo laptop crashed and that explains why the lack of updates. Yesterday, my dad bought me a Macbook Pro and YAY! I can finally blog again. I think I'll post some pictures of my new Macbook Pro next time.

P/S: Sometimes, I really miss writing on this space. I miss taking part in blogging competition and feeling the adranaline rush!!!

So anyways, today's update is about a cafe that I visited a few weeks back. The cafe is called Coffeemin. Located at Clark Quay Central, it is pretty accessible if you'd ask me. 


Coffeemin is Singapore's first time cafe. Meaning, it is charge by the amount of time you spent there. Prices are as seen below. You can use all their facilities there (Xbox, Pool Table, Computers, Board Games etc), snacks and drinks are also provided as well. Furthermore, its ALL FREE FLOW! In addition, you're also allowed to buy your own food and consume over at the cafe! (If you're intending to stay there for quite some time lah!!! Like to study or something?!?!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.36.37 AM

Overall, I really enjoyed myself there. I was playing Taken and UNO Stacko with my friends until we almost forgot that we're there for 3 hours already!!! What's more, I'm there constantly munching on their cookies and biscuits. LOL?!?!

They also have another outlet located at Suntec City Mall, I found out that Noelle also visited Coffeemin before and she went to the one at Suntec. You can click on the link to her post for more info.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.50.07 AM

You can head on to their website for more information.

Ending this post with my outfit for that day. My fedora hat and Drawstrings Shorts from Forever 21, Muscle Tank from JB, Outerwear from somewhere in Taiwan, Bag from Adidas, Watch from G-Shock, Shoes from J Shoes.


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