15 January 2016

Crazy Family

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You know, I don't really write anything about my family or in fact my siblings. Probably because since young I've always been quite distant from them. Since young, I'm pretty much neglected by them, as seen from this photo below. vvv

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One of the main factor that pulled me away from my sisters could be our age difference. Look, my eldest sis is older than me by 15 years, followed by 9, and 6. The things we talked about is so different, needless to say, they're girls. So since young, I felt that my friends are somehow closer to me rather than my own sisters.

But in the recent years, our relationship grew closer. Not sure why, but could be due to all of us being adult and understands each other better?!?!?! HAHAHA!

So lets cut the chase, from the title you can tell. This post is about my family. So a few weeks ago, my 2nd sis decides to give le family a treat at some restaurant at Toa Payoh. I can't really remember the name of the restaurant though but yea, the food is just so so la IMO. We took some photos before heading to the restaurant for our dinner.

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This cute little thang that you see above ^^^ is my nephew. My 2nd sis's son. Only a year old +. Super duper smart and cute. If you'd like to see more of him you can follow my snapchat at donxkoh, cuz every weekend he'll be coming to my house to stay and I'll be posting some snaps of him.

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Now this is picture you see is my eldest sis with 2 of her children and my 3rd sis. ^^^
The little boy is a fan of Kendama. While the Girl is a avid badminton player.

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Now this ^^^ is my 2nd sis and her beloved husband aka, my bro-in-law. :)

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And here's my beloved mom and dad. HAHAHAHA! We forced them to take this corny pose picture. My mom is loving it as you can tell, while my dad is holding on to this pose with reluctance. LOLOLOLOL!!!

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A simple meal with le family. Sometimes, you find the most precious and priceless moments. Cherish the time spent with your family cuz time doesn't wait for anyone. As we, the children are growing up and strong, we tend to forget our parents are growing old and frail at the same time.

Now, I'm ending this post with a photo of myself. Hehe! Till next post. :)

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