26 January 2016

Knitted Wear

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Isn't it weird? I'm in camp 5 out of 7 days in one week and yet I update my blog more frequently than I did when I was out 24/7 during my Poly and/or ITE days.

I can't remember when, one of the days I wore this knitted outerwear that I purchased from OSF. I'm loving the fact that now I can fit into any of my old clothes. But because of that, I'm pretty reluctant to throw away any clothes and I'm constantly buying, and from the looks of it, it seems that my wardrobe is gonna explode soon. I really need to do something about it. :/

That night, my family decides to have Mellben Seafood for dinner. Well, cuz the last time we had it was YEARS AGO!!! I think the last time I ate was with #TeamMyntefingers.

So anyways, as usual, the queue for Mellben Seafood was loooooooong as hell, so I took that time to take some photos that you saw above ^^^.

A P1160880
A P1160881
A P1160884
A P1160886
A P1160893
A P1160889

I think the food so so only leh, not really worth the wait. But the "Lao Ban" of the AMK branch happens to know my Dad, so he gave us 10% discount. Heh!!! :) #CheapThrills

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