12 October 2013

ANTM Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls Episode 12

Here's another week of America's Next Top Model! After surviving last elimination, Chris is even more determined to win this competition.

It all began with them packing and get ready to head over to their oversea destination. BALI! OMG! And Joey (iisjong) was like there a few weeks before! Hahah!!! Makes me wanna go there too! :x

They were welcomed by Bali's warm hospitality and then they check out their villa. Cute Nina was so hyped by her getting best photo the previous week and therefore she has the Tyra Suite!

 photo NinaTyraSuite.jpg

Hahahah! Then for their challenge this week, the contestants have to do a runway walk UNDERWATER!!! Nina couldn't go to deep underwater as she had part of her lungs removed due to a disease she had in the past. As for Don, he tried, but his anxiety stress level is building up and it scares him.

 photo Nina.jpg

 photo DonChallenge.jpg

Now this pisses me off! When Nina was scared and crying, Chris wasn't there for her support, whereas Cory was. Cory was there to comfort Nina and telling her she need to pull herself together, whereas Chris just did NOTHING!!!!

 photo Ninaandcory.jpg

Don and Nina had to snorkel and do a photoshoot, which will be different from the rest of the contestants, and that is a disadvantage to them.

 photo 1382052_574479189267909_301452466_n.png

Renee and Jourdan (as usual) rocked this challenge, but Renee was eventually the challenge winner.

 photo ChallengeScore.jpg

Nina and Don struggled, actually almost everyone struggled. Nina felt that she didn't do as good as she would, and she cried again. This time round, Chris ALSO wasn't there for her, whereas Cory and the rest was there to comfort her and such.

 photo NinaCrying.jpg

Nina managed to get best photo again because of her high fan votes, and Renee, once again got 2nd best. Marvin and Don were in the bottom 2 and that sucks, because both of them are the closest in the house.

 photo results.jpg

It was Don who got eliminated.

 photo results2.jpg

Here's the ranking and scores for this episode.

 photo 1385936_574448999270928_2072363380_n.png

It was sad seeing Don go. But in the end, there's only gonna be 1 winner. But next week is gonna be a double elimination, and according to my source, Nina and Jeremy will the ones going home. I hope its not true though...

Now what you guys have been waiting for. 
ANTM Boys VS Girls Cycle 20 Episode 12.

Here's the preview for episode 13. Enjoye :D

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