11 October 2013


[Sponsored Event]

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Was invited by Vivian to attend this food tasting event at Supperman.
Located at the CBD area, with good music, and great atmosphere, Supperman is definitely the place to chill after a long day at work with a bunch of colleagues and friends.

32 Maxwell Road #01-06 Maxwell Chamber, Singapore 069115

How to Get There:
Tanjong Pagar Train Station.
Walk towards Exit B and Turn Left to Maxwell Chambers.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Price Range: $10 - $30

Contact Details:
Phone: 6224 0338
Facebook Page:

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Ribeye Steak with Green Onion Puree
Price: $14.50

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Pan-fried Cod with Preserved Radish and Soya Broth
Price: $21.80

 photo PA073710.jpg

Laksa Seafood Linguini
Price: $11.80

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Cereal Crusted Cutlet with Yuzu Wasabi Sauce
Price: $8.80

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Beer Battered Fish
Price: $6.80

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Cold Spicy Glass Noodles
Price: $4.80

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Oh My Dog (weekly specials)

 photo PA073736.jpg

Price: $13.80

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After having our savoring main course, we were then served with their desserts. All desserts are priced at $4.80. Prices are subject to change by Supperman themselves.

Coconut Butter Tart

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Lemon Cheesecake

 photo PA073751.jpg

Nanaimo Bar

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Now to sum up my experience at Supperman. Thanks you Wendy, owner and pastry chef of Supperman for having us that evening and explaining recommending to us the dishes that we have eaten. I had an enjoyable experience there.

For main course, I really like the cod fish, because the skin was slightly crispy and the meat was soft, its definitely mouth watering. Adding on, I also like the Seafood Laksa Linguini, eventhough I don't take seafood, but I had a taste of the noodles, the noodles are slightly hard and when you break it apart, you can see the slightly uncooked part, which makes it different from the Laksa that you eat from the hawker centers.

But if you want them to cook it softer, you can let them know when ordering. :)

For desserts, I LOVE THE CRUST FROM THE COCONUT BUTTER TART! Its so soft and yet crispy at the same time. I will definitely bring my friend back when I have the time.

Supperman also offers weekly specials, such as (Oh My Dog) as you've seen above. You can ask the waiter/waitress what's their weekly specials upon ordering.

ONCE AGAIN! Thank you Vivian and Wendy for inviting and having us at Supperman. :)

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