26 December 2013

3 Peas In A Pod, 他她他

[16th December, Monday]

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It was kinda last minute, but I know how badly Angie (@YourApplePie) wants to watch 3 Peas In A Pod {他她他} the movie. Back when it started showing, Angie asked me, but I didn't know what movie was it and it doesn't interest me, so I gave her a "NO". Then she sort of missed the movie and didn't manage to watch it.

But then now, I kinda want to watch it, and also felt a bit bad for rejecting Angie previously, so when I scroll through my twitter news feed and saw that Golden Village is showing for a limited time period only, I immediately told Angie about it.

Booked tickets for 16th Dec, Monday.

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Met up with Angie on that day and had dinner at Carls JR. I'm quite amazed that their fries is nice! Hahaha! Initially Angie was saying how its impossible for us to finish it, but we did in the end. LOLOL!

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Now, my say about the movie, I know its kinda late to be writing a review on this movie but.... I just thought of sharing la!

This movie had a twisted ending at the end, showing how Calvin Chen (Perry Yang) is such a creep, and is secretly having a crush on Peter Park (Alexander Lee Eusebio). YES! It's a gay movie, but the story line goes kinda fast for me though, as in, its too fast for me to process everything into my brain. Until going through a bit of discussion with Angie then I fully understand the movie.

I felt kinda sad when Peter Park committed suicide at the end. But yea, the plot is a bit here and there with many loopholes.

Walked around Daiso and started conversing with Angie in super slang "Ang Moh", HAHAHA! Nearly died laughing!!!

Took some photos at Vivo Rooftop. Wanted to take some artsy shots like how you see in those fashion blogs, but failed so terribly.

But I'm still gonna show you guys the photos we took. Hahah!

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After we're done taking photos, we took the train back to Ang Mo Kio, and chilled at McDonalds because its been long since we've talked and we need to talk! Hahaha! Kidding, we just wanna chill over a cup of Frappe because we are "THE FIERCE BITCHEZZ". LOLOLOL!!!

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Chilled and talked over how our lives are, I know, I sound like an old man....
Took a photo of Angie's fierce, flawless and fabulous nails by Mynt @! Hurry up and book your appointments with Mynt now if you wanna have nails like Angie's!

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Love a simple day out like this! Took some random photos after that, and while I was taking random photos, Angie told me she saw a cute guy sitting near us camwhoring, and she can't stop squealing over him.

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Now ending this post abruptly with 4 selfies! 

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