19 December 2013

Vellus Hair Studio

13th December, Thursday

Head on down to Vellus Hair Studio, located at Tanjong Pagar. I will list the details on how to get there at the later part of this post, meanwhile, here's what happened on my visit to Vellus Hair Studio.

Vellus hair Studio is located at 2nd level of one of the shop houses. Once you climb up the stairs you will find yourself here.

 photo APC134336_526F672C.jpg

Discussed with Josie before on what kind of hair color should I do, and we both agreed on one, that is rarely seen around in Singapore.

 photo APC134338_526F672C.jpg

There's a waiting area for customers to seat while waiting for their turn, there's also magazines to keep you occupied! :D

 photo APC134342_526F672C.jpg  photo APC134346_526F672C.jpg

Then here is the hallway where it leads to the private rooms, where you will get to enjoy your own personal space while getting your hair done! :D

 photo APC134340_526F672C.jpg

Here's me waiting at the seating area for my turn, cuz I'm super enthu and end up going there 30mins early! Hahaha!

 photo APC134364_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC134361_526F672C.jpg  photo APC134360_526F672C.jpg

After Josie is done with the customer before me, she then bring me to the private room, where I CAN HAZ EVERYTHING TO MYSEFL! MUAHAHAHAHA!

 photo APC134369_526F672C.jpg


 photo APC134374_526F672C.jpg

OHYAH! Did I mention that the chair is adjustable to your liking?! Now you can have your hair done in your own private room and also to your own comfort! Its like living the life of a TaiTai!!!

 photo APC134400_526F672C.jpg

At Vellus hair Studio, they also offer drinks as well, ranging from Mocha, Coke, Tea and etc. I choose coke cuz... I'm a fan of Coke okay!!! Haha!

 photo APC134389_526F672C.jpg

First, to get the color that I'm doing, I would need to bleach my hair, Josie applied the Chemical Scalp Protection on my scalp so that I when she's bleaching my hair, it won't sting so much.

 photo APC134402_526F672C.jpg

Here's after round 1 of bleaching! There's still a bit of red dye on my hair that refuses to come off, so Josie went on to bleach my hair for the 2nd time.

 photo APC134422_526F672C.jpg

After 2nd round of bleaching there's still some red color on corners of my hair, just a slight info, if your hair color is red, it will be slightly more harder to bleach it off cuz.... Red is a strong color.

But Josie was thoughtful enough, cuz if I were to continue bleaching my whole head, my hair will fall off, so she just bleach those part with the red dye.

 photo APC134441_526F672C.jpg  photo APC134452_526F672C.jpg  photo APC134450_526F672C.jpg


 photo APC134476_526F672C.jpg

AHHHHH! How I miss my blonde hair! Followed next, Josie applied the color that is going to be on my hair! YAY!
Josie really put all her effort into doing my hair lor! She's like so focused and all.

 photo APC134492_526F672C.jpg

Looking at the colors is a bit intimidating, cuz I've never done such striking colors before. Hahaha! But I'm really excited to see the final outcome of my hair! ^.^

 photo APC134497_526F672C.jpg

Here's the final look! I'm LOVIN' it!!! ^.^

 photo APC134512_526F672C.jpg

Really love the gradient of my hair! At first look I'm not really used to it, but now I'm slowly loving it! Its my first time doing such striking colors!

 photo APC134518_526F672C.jpg

Took a photo with Josie before I left! She's so bubbly and friendly.
I love talking to her! Hahah! :D

 photo APC134524_526F672C.jpg

First you alight at Tanjong Pagar Train Station. Then you walk to exit A, go all the way up from the escalator.

 photo APC134323_526F672C.jpg

After you've gone all the way up from the escalator, turn right and follow the path.

 photo APC134326_526F672C.jpg

Then when you've walked out of the street, cross over and walk towards the blue building (Orchid Hotel).

 photo APC134327_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC134329_526F672C.jpg

After you've reached the blue building (Orchid Hotel), walk straight and turn left when you've reach the end of the pathway.

 photo APC134331_526F672C.jpg

Then walk straight till you see this building, just keep walking straight till you see Vellus Hair Studio. The following pictures will tell you how to get there.

 photo APC134332_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC134333_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC134334_526F672C.jpg

Here's some additional information for you guys :)

 photo VellusHairStudio.jpg

When I reached home I immediately whip out my tripod and started snapping pictures of my new hair, and now I shall show you guys! Teehee!

 photo APC134571_526F672C.jpg  photo APC134585_526F672C.jpg
 photo APC134531_526F672C.jpg  photo APC134528_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC134596_526F672C.jpg

Quote "Don Koh" and enjoy 50% off all hair services on your first visit! 

Check out Vellus Hair Studio's Facebook page here:

Call Vellus Hair Studio to book your appointment now!
Contact: 62246566

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