30 December 2013

Here's To A Good End

Come to think of it, 2013 is coming to an end, and this is prolly the first time I'm blogging about what I've done throughout the year.

Up till now, I still can't believe that I've been diligently updating this little space of mine, and I'm really thankful for all of you guys support. Like without you guys, I won't even have the motivation to blog la!!!

The thing that I've accomplished the most would probably be winning 2nd place in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation bah? After winning, I've definitely gained some exposures, be it online or offline. Not forgetting wonderful opportunities as well.

Now without further ado, let's begin summarizing my year 2013!

I didn't really blog during January and February. But just to roughly sum it up. I was still a year 1 student at Temasek Polytechnic Business Studies Grouping.

Life was so much easier back then.

February is the month of Lunar Chinese New Year! Had annual reunion dinner at home, and also went house visiting at my Poly year 1 classmates house. We had steamboat as well! Yums!!!

I'm missing the Shabu Shabu already!!! Hahaha!

Life begin to get more busy when I receive this.

One of the decisions that I've never regret making! Initially I was still hesitating whether take part in this 2nd season of CNOS. Reason being, its too time consuming, and there are lots of things to do. But after much consideration, I went ahead by joining this competition, and Angie was also part of the reason why I joined. Hahaha!



Took part in CNOS and had to do several challenges in between weeks. We're required to do 1 challenge each week, from Food, to Entertainment, Fashion and even to do a vlog on a race, LIVE!!!

 photo DSC_0989.jpg

But it was definitely a good experience! Hahah! I've made awesome friends from the competition. Never regret joining! :D

 photo Newmeedited.jpg  photo IMG_3927.jpg
 photo THEUFOCATCHER11.jpg  photo headdowntoe2maxedit.jpg
 photo LookBookboy.jpg photo LookBookgirl.jpg
 photo IMG_0241.jpg 

Other than CNOS! In between I also went for a Genting trip as Angie's plus 1! It was awesome cuz its my first time going to Genting, after 21 years of my life. Hahaha!

Made new friends from the trip as well, you guys know who you are!!! ^.^y

 photo 300106_10151433648323439_1613103537_n.jpg  photo 559086_10151433651473439_2099614602_n.jpg
 photo 734433_10151433651408439_586278332_n.jpg  photo 407995_10151836992808986_6538938_n.jpg

Other than the above mentioned. I also took part in a singing competition held by Kebun Baru Community Centre. I manage to make it into the finals but had to drop out in the end, cuz it clashes with the CNOS Finals. Which is quite a hard decision to make back then...


Finally got my very own camera that I've won from CNOS!
I can haz good quality peektures on my blog! Woots! Hahaha!

The top 3 winners from CNOS then have a photoshoot for our LARGER THAN LIVE SIZED posters that will be pasted outside Cineleisure!

I still remember back at CNOS 1 when I didn't win, I kept telling my friends how awesome would it be if my face were to be on the lift just like the winners from CNOS 1, and now it finally happened! Hahaha!


Our web banners appeared on several blogs that has the Nuffnang ads embedded on their blog. Mine even appeared on QiuQiu's blog! OMG! #BestMomentsOfMyLife

Eventhough the competition ended, but our friendships definitely didn't! We had our first ever CNOS picnic at Marina Barrage, and also had a mini  birthday celebration for Clinton as well! ♥

 photo P4200783.jpg

And also received an academic award from ITE! Good Progress Award yo! Hahaha!

- Dyed my hair striking red
- Appeared on Teenage Magazine June Issue

 photo P6071871.jpg  photo P5191356-1.jpg

- Fashion Shoot @ Cineleisure
- Choir Camp

 photo donn.jpg

To be honest, I kinda miss going to practice and singing/making a fool with the boys! But due to school commitment and my busy schedules, I guess leaving choir was the only option for me. :(

- Appeared on Teenage Magazine August Issue

 photo P8040540.jpg  photo P8040551.jpg

- Poster boy featuring facets of Cineleisure
- Made my very own namecard

 photo 2013-08-02-20-05-56_photo.jpg  photo 2013-08-02-20-04-18_photo.jpg
 photo P1010024_mr1387512763556_mh1387512823191.jpg

- 1 more poster up @ Cineleisure
- Taiwan Trip
- 21st Birthday

 photo P9061657.jpg  photo mP9273066_526F672C.jpg
 photo Taiwan.jpg

- Belated 21st Birthday Chalet

 photo editedIMG_0354_526F672C.jpg

- Myntefingers very own Nail Runway

 photo IMG-20131101-WA0002-1.jpg

- Dyed my hair Green x Yellow
- *Cousins* Annual Staycation
- Christmas Countdown @Cineleisure
- Supported Fenny's Performance @ Mediacorp

 photo APC134579_526F672C.jpg  photo A1483189_10152109580670631_2007253129_n_526F672C.jpg

Went to support Fenny's performance at Mediacorp! She's in the qualifying rounds for Sheng Siong Singing Competition, and honestly, I think she did really really good! Thumbs and Toes up for her! ♥

And I manage to find the Youtube video of her performance! Teehee! Thank you, to the person who uploaded the video.

With that, I'm done summing up my year 2013. Actually, also nothing much also la! My life is 24/7 boring one ley! Hahaha! 2013 have definitely shaped me into a better person, and I really learned alot.

There are definitely good and bad memories. ^.^

To end of this post, I hereby wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year! Stay gorgeous! ^.*y

 photo 2013-2014-featured-570x270.jpg

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