17 December 2013


Went for Mookata session with Noelle, Amanda and Damien, So happy that we still hangout eventhough CNOS have already ended months ago. Hahaha!

Never really tried Mookata but I've heard so much about it, so when Damien asked if anyone wanted to have Mookata together, I instantly agreed! Hahaha!

 photo APC064204_526F672C.jpg

It is highly recommended to make a recservation! Damien made one in the morning, but the person sort of forgot I guess, but he still gave us priority la. So that made us feel slightly better...

Here's the location

 photo Mookata.jpg

Was told that we went to the wrong one, the more popz and well known one is at Golden Mile Complex, not tower. But oh wells. Lesson learnt!

 photo APC064222_526F672C.jpg

They have a list of things for us to order, its like buffet style, just tick whatever you want and give the order to the cashier! You can order as much as you want, since its buffet style, but for drinks it will be charged accordingly.

 photo APC064207_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC064212_526F672C.jpg

The food finally arrived! I think the service is rather slow, but I can make-do with it la, just that, its really abit slow. :(

After the food is here, we just throw everything in, like we starved and didn't eat for days! LOLOLOL!

 photo APC064226_526F672C.jpg

Overall, I find that the variety (FOR ME) is okay, but for Amanda she said we can get something better with the amount of price we paid for it. I'm okay because I'm not very anal when it comes to food, whatever can be eaten I just eat one! Hahaha!

But we definitely ate more than what we pay la! Just that the variety is not alot! :(

 photo APC064229_526F672C.jpg

 photo MoMem-20131206-224008.gif

Took an individual shot with Amanda, Noelle, and Damien. We paid $26 each, so yea. Each of us ordered 2 drinks except Amanda, don't even know how she can tank! HAHAHA!

I think bring $30 should be more than enough (estimate)

 photo APC064237_526F672C.jpg  photo APC064233_526F672C.jpg  photo APC064239_526F672C.jpg

Ending this post with a group photo! ♥

 photo APC064236_526F672C.jpg

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