24 December 2013

CoCo Baby

I know! Sucha awkward and..... Kind of title. Hahah! But today, I'm gonna do a photo blog of my pet dog, CoCo.

So I suddenly have a random thought of testing out my camera, since I just learned how to fully utilize it. Now lets just let the photos do the talking shall we? :)

 photo APC154146_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154157_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154159_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154161_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154156_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154162_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154169_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154168_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC154164_526F672C.jpg

Date Taken: 15 December 2013, Sunday.

Maybe I will consider doing more blogposts on my dog, I'll see how it goes. Hahaha!

I also posted a instavideo on my instagram of CoCo shaking her hands. But yea, she need treats to motivate her to move her fat hands! Such a slut! LOLOLOLOL!

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