14 December 2013

BREEKS Christmas Special

Was invited by Laine to try out BREEKS's new Christmas specials, together with Huixin and Noelle! Really have to thank Noelle for everything. She have helped me so much that I can't even explain how much she have done!

But yea, words can't express how grateful I am towards her! ^.^y

Located at Harbourfront Centre #01-99/100, its at an open space that will never be missed. Once you walk out of the MRT Station exit at Habourfront turn left and walk straight ahead. Its directly infront of Starbucks.

 photo APC074241_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC074252_526F672C.jpg  photo APC074254_526F672C.jpg

BREEKS CHRISTMAS/ FESTIVE MENU 2013 will be available from 16th Dec to 31st Dec.
The menu consists of:

SOUP OF THE DAY + DESSERTS: (Salted Caramel Brownie with a scoop of Ice Cream) + selection of the following main course

- Roasted Turkey “Harissa” - Slice of Turkey Breast meat seasoned with Tunisian spices, Roasted pumpkin, Seasonal vegetables in Cranberry sauce: $25.90++


- Fillet of Norwegian Salmon, Prawn Escabeche, and Salad green in Coriander butter: $26.90++

 photo APC074257_526F672C.jpg

We were first served with the Brown Noel Xmas Drink - $5.90++!
It tastes so awesome that the supervisor even give each of us an extra piece of it! YES! Its just that nice!!!

Love the handmade honeydew and strawberry chocolate! The green stuff you see in the photo below!

 photo APC074258_526F672C.jpg

Up next is Salted Caramel Brownie with Ice Cream and Fresh Cut Strawberries $3.80++!
Did I mention that the salted caramel brownies tastes orgasmic?!!!! OMG!

Its like sweet and salty at the same time! Excellent combination! I think everyone should really try this!

 photo APC074269_526F672C.jpg

Follow up next is the assorted brownies! It comes in Nutella, Oreo, Marshmallow, Assorted Nuts, and my favourite Salted Caramel brownies!

• $35+ per box for Breeks Classic Walnut Brownies
(customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pre-cut into 20pieces)


• $38+ per box for Premium Brownies
(customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pick and mix 16 pieces of their desired flavours)

For more information regarding BREEK's brownie you can check out

 photo APC074275_526F672C.jpg

You can also takeaway, bring home, and enjoy the brownies at your own comfort! There's a counter specially for it, just at the other side of the restaurant.

 photo APC074279_526F672C.jpg

Enough talking! Pictures speaks louder than words! So I shall just let the pictures do the talking! Hahah! Here are the brownies in full complete size. Now I'm salivating by just looking at it! ♥

The original flavour, with walnuts inside to add a little bit of crunch to it!

 photo APC074287_526F672C.jpg

Nutella Brownie

 photo APC074292_526F672C.jpg

Assorted Nuts Brownie

 photo APC074304_526F672C.jpg

Oreo Brownie

 photo APC074306_526F672C.jpg

Marshmallow Brownie

 photo APC074298_526F672C.jpg

Salted Caramel Brownie

 photo APC074289_526F672C.jpg

I'm a chocolate lover and I absolutely love all the brownies that Breeks has! But my favourite would definitely be Salted Caramel Brownie! So sad that its only available for a limited time period only.

Ohyah! If bought, the brownie can be kept for 2 weeks in the refrigerator, and slightly longer period if kept in the freezer.

Took this photo while Noelle is taking pictures of the brownies! I think its quite nice leh!!!

 photo APC074295_526F672C.jpg

For more information on Breeks you can check out their website or their Facebook page:

Here are the following promotions for Breeks Brownies-in-a-box.

·         Citibank - 20% off per box
·         SAFRA/HomeTeamNS Vouchers – 15% off with min use of 1 NS45 Voucher
·         MINDEF Staff – 20% off for every 2nd box purchased
·         My Preferred Card member – for purchase of 1 box = 10% off for purchase of one box; for purchase of two boxes, 50% off for the 2nd box purchase

After having to taste the brownies, I was craving for some waffle cut fries, and Laine was kind enough to get one for us to share. Thank you so much ^.^

She even asked if we would like to have extra cheese, adding on, she also gave us peri peri sauce to dip with the waffle cut fries. LOVE IT! ♥

 photo APC074310_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC074313_526F672C.jpg

Its abit spicy but that's what I love about! I end up finishing the peri peri sauce leaving only the cheese for Huixin and Noelle.

 photo APC074319_526F672C.jpg

Noelle left when I came back from the washroom, so therefore only left with Huixin. Took a photo with her to end of the day. 
Thank you so much BREEKS and Laine for having us for that day! I really enjoyed myself! :D

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