01 December 2013

McDonalds Kampung Burger

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YAY! This is the first time I'm attending a McDonald's event! Thank you OMY and McDonald's for having me! :D

I was one of the first few Singaporeans to try out McDonald's old new Kampung Burger that is going to be launch this coming week!

Why did I say old new is because the Kampung Burger was actually launched 20 years ago, and now its back once again! That's when I was only 1 year old!!!

So when I reached the venue, I was welcomed by all the kampung old school toys like, Chapteh, Kuti Kuti, and many more!!! It definitely brings back lots of memories, because I've seen and played most of it before! Hahaha!

 photo APB284152_526F672C.jpg

Then we were introduced to the highlight of the day, which is the relaunched Kampung Burger, together with the all new kampung bbq drumlets. Tender and moist chicken drumlets marinated with paprika, onions and garlic! Really packs a punch! Don't worry, its not spicy at all! ^.^

The kampung drumlets are available for 2 pieces at $2 or 10 pieces at $9.50!

 photo APB284161_526F672C.jpg

Packed with pineapple ring and tangy salsa sauce, the crispy kampung chicken burger is ready to make its comeback! Available in stores this week!

 photo APB284177_526F672C.jpg  photo APB284163_526F672C.jpg
 photo APB284183_526F672C.jpg

Then its game time! When there's game there will definitely be prizes! The games that we played are........ SCISSORS PAPER STONE! Hahaha! Yea! No kidding! The most kampung of all kampung games!

Initially they wanted to play chapteh and five stones, but its too difficult and due to space constraint, they decided on scissors, paper, stone.


Yourstruly is the overall winner yo! Not really la, I only played against the winners of each table and not everyone, what's more the game scissors paper stone is more of luck than strategy, so yea.

I have to thank Fenny for letting me to "volunteer as tribute". Hahaha!

 photo APB284194_526F672C.jpg

What's a event without a group photo?! Summing up the event with a group photo, as always! :D

 photo APB284198_526F672C.jpg


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Yea! Its that simple! :D

All the best and goodluck! ^.^

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