21 December 2013

Domino's Year End Appreciation Dinner

[17 December, Tuesday]

Went for Domino's Pizza Year End Appreciation Dinner, met some new and familiar faces over there. The event was like a year end gathering and also the prize presentation for Domino's Inter Blogger Competition. So happy that Dawn, Damien and Malcolm won the top 11! Hahaha!

 photo APC174305_526F672C_526F672C.jpg

The event was held at level 5 of SCAPE Treetop, and it looks like someone's getting married! Hahaha! Its quite grand leh for a Domino's Pizza event.

 photo APC174303_526F672C.jpg

Mingled around and we were served with tons of food, there's Pizza (DUH), Chicken Crunch (MY FAV)! Onion Rings, and also their Golden Roasted Drummets.

 photo APC174314_526F672C.jpg  photo APC174316_526F672C.jpg

 photo APC174323_526F672C.jpg

It was the result/prize presentation of Domino's Pizza Inter Blogger's Competition Round 3. Dawn Twinnie's name was the first to be announced, I'm crying....(Tears of joy)

 photo APC174334_526F672C.jpg

Then after that, Damien's name was announced, but sadly he is still on the plane back to Singapore from Bangkok so he couldn't make it, so Malcolm was there to collect on his behalf, then Malcolm's name was announced, and he went up stage to collect the prize again. The emcee asked: So are you Damien or Malcolm. LOLOLOL!!!

That was kinda awkward for him. Hahah!

 photo APC174338_526F672C.jpg

Saving the grand prize winner for the last, we all know who the winner is, and its William, this is his 3rd consecutive win already. Hahaha!

This is my first time having talking to William, through this event I also got to know him better. Somemore he is very humble about his winning la, so yea. +Point!!!

 photo APC174342_526F672C.jpg

Next, the winners get on stage for a group photo, and tadanggg. That marks the closure of Domino's Inter Blogger's Competition Round 3, and they're starting round 4 soon. I'm still thinking if I should join, it between the period of January to March, and I can order LOTS OF PIZZAS during Chinese New Year period. Hahah! Shall see.

 photo APC174344_526F672C.jpg

After that, the bloggers mingled around, took pictures and had more food. The long awaited Lava Cake was also served. Teehee! LOVE THE LAVA CAKE! MAJOR ♥

 photo APC174350_526F672C.jpg

Here's a video of how it looks like when you cut it open while its hot. Took this video back when I attended a event by Domino's.

Manage to take a photo with Malcolm and Tselyn. Its been awhile since I last saw them. 

 photo APC174322_526F672C.jpg

A photo of Dawn Twinnie's winning prize and Bryan (Her Boyfriend).

 photo APC174347_526F672C.jpg

SO YEAP! I've come to the end of this post. 
Ending this post with a selfie! ^.^

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  1. Liked all of these details about this appreciation dinner. At one of the local Los Angeles event venues I have to throw an annual luncheon for the employees and thinking to give them custom gifts. Can you share some ideas on what to gift them?