01 September 2014

Malacca Boleh!

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Photo Credits: William (OnlyWilliam)

So last weekend, I went on a road trip to Malacca, together with 16 other bloggers. Many thanks to Julie's, Ellice and William for extending this invite. I'll be blogging about the Julie's Factory Tour in a separate blog post, while this, we'll be concentrating on the Malacca trip instead.

So after our factory tour we headed off for our dinner at a Peranakan restaurant, whereby we're fed with loads and loads of dishes!

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By then, we were all famished. First we were served with Keropok, and all of us couldn't wait any longer! Here's Celine with her Keropok! Hahah!

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So after much waiting, one by one the food started coming, and this is what you will see when you have bloggers at 1 whole table. LOLOLOL!!!

While we were still taking pictures, the rest from the other tables have already started digging in! Hahaha!

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After our filling dinner, we then headed to Jonker Street night market for shopping! Over at Jonker Street, they're known for their street snacks, and also their colorful night life.

Spent hours over there, and after that we head to One Residence, where we'll be staying for the night.

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Before lights off, we all went crazy over the stay at One Residence (actually it was just me), I went all over the house to snap pictures! Hahaha!

The house had 3 rooms on the 2nd storey, 2 normal room and 1 master bedroom, and at 1st storey, they had 1 room as well. Each house comes with a kitchen and a living room and all the necessities you need.

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Did I mention that my room mates were Andy and Joey??!!! OMGBBQSAUCE!!! We bunked in with 2 of the guardian angels (People From Julie's) as well! :)

After I'm done checking all my social media platforms, and QC-ing the pictures that I took that day, I immediately crashed, cuz I was that tired!!!

OHYAH! Did I mention that Joey bought the 3CE Neon Edition mirror that I wanted all the way from Korea?!!! Hahaha! I was super happy! Thank you Joey!! ♥

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I was fairly reluctant to wake up cuz I was very very tired!!! But I still drag myself up though, set about 3 alarms to wake myself up! Hahaha!

Meeting time was 8.30am, set my alarm at 7.20am but I snooze all the way to 7.40am then I went to wash up and prepare! LOLOLOL!!!

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We had our breakfast at Toast 'N' Toast, where they sell all sort of toasts and breakfast you could ever imagine. Had a scrumptious breakfast before heading to some tourist attraction.

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After our breakfasts, we headed off to see some attractions at The Stadthuys of Malacca. Took a lot of pictures, and it was REALLY REALLY HUMID! I swear I keep telling myself I'm wearing the wrong outfit that day! Hahaha!

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So I was trying to take some shots, and I manage to take this paparazzi shot of Joey! 

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Took a group shot before leaving the place. Group photo credits to Celine (Secretnudges). So after the tour, we went for some shopping and I bought some contact lens with degree for myself! YAY! I also bought solution as well, it costs me about 45 ringgit. Super worth it!!!

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Lunch was at the famous Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball restaurant. Again, we were fed with loads of yummy food! Take a look at the table!! So much food that we couldn't finish!

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So after our lunch, we bid goodbye to Ellice and all our fellow Guardian Angels. They've been an awesome tour guide and companion for the past 2 days and I've definitely enjoy my trip to Malacca.

Took a photo with Ellice before we head back to Singapore.

Before I end this post, here are my loots from this trip! This is the first time that I've bought so many "kueh's" and "piah's" back home from my overseas travel, and I'm kinda happy cuz whenever I travel to other countries, I rarely buy stuff back for my parents, so I'm very happy that I bought a lot of stuff for them this time round! :D

I will be posting up my Julie's Factory Tour up next! Till next post! ♥

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