16 September 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 5

I realized I'm posting the new episodes of ANTM at a later and later timing as we go. So sorry, cuz I'm really busy with my internship lately, so without further ado, lets get started.


So the episode started with the models arriving back home, and Ben mesmerized with his own photo. Since Ben and Adam were the closest in the house, he therefore chose Adam to share the Tyra Suite with him.

Benn and Adam

So later on, the models decided to play an innocent game of truth OR dare. Matthew dared Kari to kiss Mirjana, leading Romeo slightly annoyed. Whereas Keith and Denzel are on cloud nine.

Kari and Mirjana

Next up, the models arrive at LA Fashion District, later then they know that they're gonna have a teach from Tyra, telling them how to make love with the camera with only 3 steps. Adam and Lenox struggled during this teach and halfway through, Lenox just gave up, making Tyra disappointed at her for giving up so easily.

The ones that did well were Keith, Will and Raelia.

LA Fashion destrict
werk the smirk
Fierce Fantasy Headroll
Step 3
Will Raelia Keith

Back home, Will, Shei and Raelia were busy practicing infront of the mirror whereas Lenox just didn't do anything about it at all. Instead of practicing, she just sat there and whine about it.


Next morning, Yutsai came to the top model house and gave the models a morning call! Later then they know they had to put on the things that Tyra taught them the previous night to use, as they will need to shoot a commercial for the Spyder Byte fragrance. Each of them were paired together with the girls being the black widow spider and the guys being them.....With the exception of Will, he was paired together with Matthew.

Mirjana was paired together with Keith, while Denzel was paired with Kari. Denzel was pretty jealous about the fact that Mirjana was paired together with another guy other than him. (GOSH! I HATE DENZEL!!)

Yutsai 1
Spyder bite
Will and math
Keith and Mijana

At hair and make up before the photoshoot. Fanco Lacosta was introduced and he is the director for their shoot on that day. Lenox was a hot mess that day, while Will and Raelia did really really well.

franco lacosra
Romeo and lenox
Will and matthew
ben and raelia

Back home, it was Romeo's birthday, and everyone decided to party and drink up to celebrate Romeo's big day, eventhough some of them really wanted to crash...

Some time later, Romeo suddenly went to the Tyra suite to find Adam, and after that, Romeo just snaps. And it was like a ticking time bomb. In the end, Romeo gave Adam a headbutt, causing Adam to have a bruise.

Romeo 2
Adam and Romeo
Adam and Romeo 2

NEXT! The models had a challenge up for them, where they had to walk a runway show in stilts. But before that, Ms Jay announced that ANTM has ZERO Tolerance for any assault, therefore Romeo is disqualified from the competition.

Romeo 3

At the fashion show. Adam and Raelia stuggled, and Raelia fall down from the stilts when she was about to walk out to the runway. While Adam just looks really awkward. On the other hand Ben was the one that shines. In the end, Ben was announced as the challenge winner.

Ben 2
Challenge scores

At panel, Tyra told them that Romeo was eliminated because he headbutt Adam and that caused him to be disqualified from the competition. Kinda sad though cuz I feel that Romeo had a really good commerical shoot this week. SUCH A WASTE!!!


In the end, it was Lenox and Adam that was in the bottom 2, with Lenox receiving a score of 1 from Tyra banks for the first time ever on ANTM!!!

bottom 2
panel lenox

And so, the one that got the lowest score was Lenox. But because Romeo was disqualified, Tyra decided to give Lenox another chance, but on the next photoshoot, she will only be having 5 frames. Which is hard, because there's a very low chance in getting a good shot with just 5 frames. Well, we'll see next week.

And I think there'll be a double elimination soon too. #JustSaying

Bottom 2 x
5 frames

Now here's the scoreboard and episode 5 of ANTM Cycle 21


Guess who's back on ANTM?!!!


And here's the photo of Lenox on episode 6's photoshoot! Do you think she deserve to stay on the competition? PSSS! I want Denzel or Keith to be eliminated. LOL! Just saying.


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