23 September 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 6

Hello there, its a brand new week of America's Next Top Model. So this week, it all began with Will coming back home raving about his own photo! :D

Best Photo Will

Ben came into the Tyra Suite however, thinking that how he could be in the Tyra Suite for 2 to 3 days and next he's out of it already. Wondering how he should work his way up to the pack again.


Next, Lenox was extremely worried as to how is she going to pull it off the next shoot with only 5 frames. But Matthew was nice enough to encourage and give her some word of advice.


Since Romeo was disqualified and he's out of the house, Mirjana, Denzel, Kari and Keith moved to the bottom room of the house and shared a room together. Calling it, their love suite.

love suite

Next Morning

Next morning, the models arrive at the studio for their photoshoot. This week, they're shooting a avant-garde hair editorial, which not only will it be a still shoot but also in motion.


And so, because Mirjana's relationship with Denzel had been getting closer and closer week by week, everyone have also question Mirjana's feelings towards her boyfriend back at her hometown, and Mirjana say that she will probably just write a letter back to her boyfriend to tell her about the breakup between them. LOL?!

mirjana boyfriend

Most of the people over there were quite alright with their shoot, some were still slow at picking up things, like Adam, which is slowly progressing.


Ben on the other hand kept practicing in the mirror to make sure he know his poses and angles. But on set, he was one of those that struggled.

Benn 2

Meanwhile, Raelia and Shei werrrrrk like there's no tomorrow!!! Their motion shoot were awesome, but than the still shots are MEH!!!


With other models having ample of shots and Lenox only with 5 takes, it definitely builds up the stress in her. By her 3rd take, she walk off set and began crying. Kari and Shei were there to comfort her, and Yutsai came later as well, telling her that he is a huge supporter of Lenox and he want Lenox to pull it together!!!

Lenox shoot
Yutsai 2

Speaking of which, the rest of the models are not comfortable with Mirjana and Denzel acting so cuddly and close on and off set. Many of them also thought that Mirjana isn't focusing much on herself anymore.

Mirjana and Denzel
Mirjana and Denzel 2

So before the week comes to an end, Ben and Adam decided to write a song and sing it during panel, just to showcase that they're not only here to model but also to show the otherside of them.

Adam and ben

There was a huge crowd at the living room, and there they were, Nina from cycle 20 and Yutsai right before them. They were told that they're gonna have a challenge to come out with a photo/campaign for Nick Cannon, where the winning photo will be able to use the image for Nick's ad for the headphone.

Nina burns
Nick Cannon

The models were then divided into teams. With Lenox, Adam and Ben as the team leader because they were in the bottom 3 last week.

Team Lenox: Lenox, Kari and Matthew
Team Ben: Ben, Shei, Keith, Will
Team Adam, Adam, Mirjana, Raelia, Denzel

Team Lenox
Team Ben
Team Adam

After the challenge was over, the winning team of the challenge was Lenox. Somehow I feel that this challenge was pre-planned and Tyra wanted Lenox to win. Somehow. After that, the challenge score were released, with Team Lenox scoring a 10, Team Adam 9, and Team Ben, 8.

Team Lenox 2
Challenge Scores

Ben and Adam sang the song that they have written and everyone enjoyed themselves. But back to the objective, Tyra told Ben that his motion/photo was wack, and its not on par with his singing capability.

Panel fun

Lenox manage to surprise everyone by getting first call out, with just 5 frames to getting that best photo! She also had the highest fan vote for that week too!!! #Team Lenox

Ben and Keith were the bottom 2 and Tyra told them that she did not expect the bottom 2 to be both of them as they both had gotten best photo before.

In the end, Ben was the one that was eliminated.

bottom 2

Now here's the scoreboard for this week and also episode 6 of ANTM Cycle 21


Denzel had a conversation with Keith and so he happen to tell Keith that he want a Guy to win this cycle, but just not Will, making Will breaking down and cry. Somehow..

Denzel next

On the way back, Mirjana had an argument with Raelia. From my own opinion, I feel that Mirjana is getting very big headed, and soon, she will get herself sent home because of her bad attitude.

Mirjana next

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