29 September 2014

Sometimes, You Just Need It Better

Hello there everyone. As you guys know I have traveled to Bangkok during April and Korea in June, not forgetting Malaysia if you count that as going "overseas?" Hahah!


I have this mindset that I must at least travel to other country and get out of Singapore for at least once a year, still remembering the new year resolutions that I've made, to travel to Bangkok and Korea this year, which I did! Hahaha!

And when I travel, I always share the same luggage as my family cuz well, we rarely travel and my parents' hardly travel too. So the ones that always get to take the plane is either me or my sis.

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After traveling for a while, I come to realize that I really need a good luggage to put all my "barang barangs" in, cuz the current luggage that I'm having is really in a bad shape. LOL?!

Furthermore, I would love to travel in "STYLE" if you get what I mean? HAHAHAHA! Most of my friends are already using luggage with 4 wheels while I'm still using the Lao Kok Kok 2 wheels one! Embarrassing enough, sooooo......

American Tourister men's travel bags

Now I won't have to worry anymore cuz I've found the perfect luggage for the perfect person like me! HAHA!
With so many designs to choose from, you'll be spoil for choice!!!


Here comes the good part which I'm gonna share, just for my readers, you will be entitled to 15% off all American Tourister men's travel bags as well as other Zalora products when you key in "ZADONKOH15" at the promo code tab upon clicking the secure checkout button.

IT'S AWESOME RIGHT?! Before I end of my post, here's the list of products that is not entitled for the discount code as mention above

So what are you waiting for? LET'S GO SHOP NOW!!!

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