08 September 2014

Julie's Factory Tour

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So as you've seen from my previous post on my trip to Malacca. The main objective of the trip was to have a tour around Julie's Biscuits Factory to learn exactly how their biscuits was made and packaged before we, the consumers buy them from the store itself.

The bus ride was about 4 hours long and we finally arrived at Alor Gajah, where the Perfect Food Manufacturing company is located at.

Together with 16 other bloggers, we all begin our journey at Golden Mile complex, where we all gather and start to get to know one another better. Of course, this trip would not happen if not for Ellice, the PR/our nanny for this entire trip. :)

Once we reached the factory, we were given a warm welcome by the people from Julie's. At first, we were to give a short introduction about ourselves and vice versa with the people from Julie's, after which, we were treated to lunch, as they know that we were probably hungry from our journey from Singapore.

The people from Julie's are super friendly! Their friendly environment just makes me want to work there! Everyone is just so happy and positive about everything.

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After we had our yummy lunch at their pantry, we were then led to a place where the people from Julie's gave a presentation to us, giving us an idea of how their company was started, their mission and vision, and also how far their company had come.

If not for this trip, I wouldn't have known that the biscuits I've been eating was from Julie's!!! Hahaha! (Sorry :x) As far as Julie's had come, they've done pretty much in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) as this ties with their mission mainly being (We Bake With Love), (We Care For The Society) and (We Love The Earth).

Not only that, Julie's Biscuits have also won several awards, to name some, there's the Industrial Excellent Award, Cleanest F&B Award, Superbrand Awards, and also the Asia Excellence Award.

I was awed by all their awards! How I wish I have these prestigious awards in my portfolio! Companies would DIE to hire me as their employee! Haha! ^.^y

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After which, we were given a tour around the factory, to see how their biscuits were being made. But first of all, we're required to sanitize/wash our hands and do the normal process like how a Julie's worker should, and that is to wear the protective gear.

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During our factory tour, no cameras were allowed, that's why there were no pictures of the factory tour, the following pictures in the collage was sent to us by the people from Julie's, to let you know how their biscuits is prepared on a daily basis. From Cutting the shape of the biscuits, to baking, oil spraying, cooling, and even to packing before it is being sent out to retailers.


From this tour, I've learned a lot about how each and every biscuits is being made and packed. After the tour ended, we were each given a packet of freshly made peanut butter biscuits. The peanut butter was warm and it taste so damn good!!!

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We were also introduced to Julie's new project, "Who Is She", which you would have probably seen the TV ads or poster ads somewhere at our local bus stop or buses.

It is a launch of "Best Of You" movements to celebrate your everyday heroes. You can click on the link here, to view all the submissions/videos of all the everyday heroes.

You can too, join in the fun and create your very own "Best Of You" videos and who knows? You might get to see your own submission on the exhibition day itself (22nd - 26th October 2014) at Marina Square, Central Atrium.

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Some of us shared a very touching story, even Ellice! I almost teared when hearing them talking about their everyday heroes. It reminded me to appreciate my parents and loved ones even more.

Before we take our leave, we were presented a token of appreciation by the Director, Mr Martin Ang. The people from Julie's are very generous, they gave us loads and loads of Julie's biscuits to bring back to Singapore! ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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When was the last time we talked about something other than work?
Who is the best of you?
Who is your everyday hero?

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