26 September 2014

Criollo Cocoa Café X Wild Honey

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Hi. Today I'll be sharing with you guys a cafe located at a spot in town which I think very little people have got to know about.

So one day, my friends and I was searching for places to sit down and have our brunch, and we were quite clueless of what to have. So after much wandering around, we finally found a cafe that the menu somehow entices us. LOL?!

Criollo Cocoa Café

So sorry, I didn't thought that I'll be blogging about this, therefore I didn't take any pictures of the café Hahah!
Anyways, once we walk in there's ample amount of seats for us to choose, (its free seating by the way). My friends were telling me that now you see no people because not a lot of people know about this place, but once its famous, you'll see this place will be filled everyday.

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My friends ordered pastas while I ordered their chicken chop. Everything was so goood! And my friend had to add in, now just open only confirm nice, next time you see when they're more known and people started coming in, the food standard you see still the same a not?? Hahaha!

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Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road #02-01 Singapore 238858 

Operating Hours: 
Mon - Sat: 11:00 - 22:00 
Sun & PH: 10:00 - 22:00

Phone: 6702 6568

After that, we went to walk around town, from SCAPE to Orchard ION. Went down to SCAPE to change the size of the shoes that they gave me as my birthday present. SO MUCH LOVE ♥


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What came after this was a total surprise! After roaming around the road, I was brought to this place at Scoots Square, where a Hermes store is located! Hahahahaah!

I didn't know we were going to eat again that's why I ordered a main course at Criollo Cocoa Café... But yea, nevertheless I still ordered a mains at Wild Honey. Hahahah!

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Scotts Square  6 Scotts Square #03-01

Phone: +65 6636 1816 

Operating Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays, 9am to 9pm 
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays, 9am to 10pm


We took quite a while to get our food done, we were super bloated after that. Took a walk down town before we all headed back home cuz all of us had to work the next day.

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I'm really thankful to have met them in my life. They've been there when I'm down. Not forgetting that we've all come a long way, from ITE to Poly, even though we might be in different schools but nevertheless we still find time to meet out. :')

Its like, only with them, then I can say that I'm the youngest out loud and proud. LOL!!!

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Thank you guys, for being my friend. :')

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