21 September 2014

To-gather Cafe

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So one fine day, my friends and I have decided to celebrate our last day of freedom by going out to chill and relax before the start of our internship. So after much deliberation, we have decided to head down to To-gather Cafe.

 Located in the East (Bedok 84), it's definitely a good place to chill for the people living at the east.

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The cafe was nicely decorated, with quotes being painted around the cafe, or was it pasted with stickers??? Lol!!! But either ways, I find it quite interesting that the cafe has such concept.

It took us quite a while before we decide on what we want to order because from the looks of the menu, everything is so try worthy. So in the end, I ordered the Pork Corden Bleu ($10.90), the rest of my friends ordered To-gather All Day Big Breakfast ($8.90), Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop ($8.90), Grilled Chicken Chop ($8.90), after that we also ordered a Chocolate Lava Cake w/ Vanilla Gelato ($5.90). For beverages we ordered Cafe Mocha ($4.80), and Dark Chocolate ($4.00).

Ohyah! Before I forgot, I also ordered a soup of the day ($3.60).

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Inside joke, when the waitress served us our lava cake, I didn't know what was the thing beside it, and so I openly asked, "is that a mashed potato?" LOLOLOLOL! Everybody laughed....

HAHAHAHA! I'm embarrassed....

Overall, the food was okay only, will not want to go back and have it again, portion was rather small, and the lava cake was a huge disappointment. Where's the lava?????!!!!

84 Bedok North Street 4 # 01-25 / 27 Singapore 460084

Opening Hours 
Sunday - Thursday : 11am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday : 11am - 11pm
Closed on Mondays

First Order - 11.30am / Last Order - 9.15pm


Contact (for reservations, 4 to 5 days in advance)
+65 6445 1011 //

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