09 September 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 4

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Sorry for such a late update as I'm out the whole day today, so now lets get started with episode 4 of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21.

So it first began with the models returning to their house with Keith receiving a Tyra Mail, stating that there will be a Tyra Treat for him and Kari during their next photoshoot. Leaving them curious as to what it is.

Denzel and Mirjana

After the fight between Matthew and Mirjana, their feelings towards each other has faded and thus, leading Mirjana jumping to another guy, Denzel. Flirting with one another and getting touchy as well. Making some of the models slightly disgusted by their actions.


At the photoshoot, Yutsai told them that they'll be doing a shoot that is of an optical illusion, where the models will be shooting it from an angle, which is not what it is seen to be. Some of them struggled, people like Romeo, Denzel, Kari, and Chantelle. Some of the models were pissed off at Romeo as they think that he is always full of himself, thinking that he is better than others.

Romeo 2
Romeo 1

Later when they head back to their house, they receive a box with a Tyra Mail in it, which tells them that they have a surprise makeover that awaits them. In the house there are hidden boxes with makeover looks inside it, and the 1 person that found the one that has a magic shears will get to know what his/her makeover look is.

As soon as they read and about this, they immediately all ran around the house looking for those hidden boxes. End up, it was Denzel who found the hidden box with the magic shear.

Denzel makeover

The next day, they arrived at Christophe Salon for their makeover. Tyra then told them each of their individual makeover. Turns out, Keith was the only one that didn't have any makeover, and he's staying as the way he is.


At the makeover, Chantelle sorta irritates Romeo, being overly arrogant, making Romeo wanting her to be sent home. Will got his makeover done, and somehow it makes Matthew thinks that he is "beautiful". LOL?!


On the other hand, Kari, who got platinum blonde as her makeover look, thinks that this was overly drastic, and she had never thought of going blonde for her makeover. It took her awhile to accept the look after much comfort from the people around her.


After their makeover, they went back to the house and started partying the night away. Drinking alcohol, dancing around the house, not forgetting flirting around as well...

Mirjana and denzel
Mirjana and denzel 2
Matthew and Will
Matthew and Will 2

Next morning, everyone was drunk and seen lying around the house. When some of them were preparing and washing up, the started talking about how Matthew kissed Will last night, so on and so forth.

Next morning

End up, it seemed like a confrontation between some of the models with Matthew, on whether he is gay, or bisexual and how he kissed Will seemed like a big thing. They probably set this up to make this cycle a little more juicy and interesting, yes, no?!!

Matthew and Will 3

At panel this week, most of the models received positive feedback from the judges, accept for a few, namely Chantelle, Adam, Kari and Shei. Denzel was also told that he will be getting a Ty-Do-Over as the beard weave isn't how Tyra had expected to look like.

In the end, Ben got the most social media score, as well as the judges score, thus leading him to getting best photo this week. On the other hand, Chantelle and Kari were the bottom 2, and sadly, Chantelle was the one eliminated.

Results 2

Here's episode 4 of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21

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