02 September 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 3


There, another week has past, and here's another post on America's Next Top Model Cycle 21. I'm actually quite surprised that I'm diligently blogging about ANTM. Hahah!

So as continual from last week's episode, the top 14 of cycle 21 was announced, and straight away, they head off for their first runway show, and it was also their first challenge for this cycle.

NExt Models director

They then head off for hair and make up, meanwhile, the director of Next Model Management, Alexis Borges came to have a talk to them, together with Miss J, they wanted to see how the contestants fair in their runway walk, and also giving them some tips on where they could improve.


As mentioned in my previous ANTM blog post, Tyra told the contestants that they will be walking down on the runway with nothing but only party spray strings. Will was feeling kinda intimidated by other male contestants as they had abs and stuff, and he also felt very insecure of himself shirtless, needless to say having to walk on a runway almost naked.

bone string

Here's Chantelle, werking in! Hahah! Overall, Keith and Chantelle were the ones that stood out. Ivy and Adam were the ones that didn't do so well. Watch the video to find out who's the challenge winner!

Top model house
tyra suite

After their challenge, they then proceed to their top model house. Everyone was taken aback by the beautiful view and every aspects of the house. If it was me, I'll be on cloud nine! LOLOLOL!!!

Next morning, Mirjana made a call to her bestfriend, and she was told that her boyfriend was helping her to ask people to vote for her on social media, which later on she told Romeo, Ben and Matthew about it. Somehow this affected how Matthew felt towards Mirjana.


After that, they received a Tyra Mail, stating, "H2T, HTOMG!", which sort of left the contestants wondering what's in store for them. Later then they realized its their photoshoot, where Tyra told them that they'll be shooting this as part of their opening credits as well.

tyra mail
boom boom boom
title cam 2

At the photoshoot, most of the contestants had positive feedback from Yutsai, the ones that struggled were Ivy and Will, which led to Yutsai screaming his head off (At Will). As Will was still feeling insecure and not sure as to how to work his body, he sorta struggled during his photoshoot.

will 2
will cam

In the midst of the photoshoot, Romeo confronted with Ivy, telling her that he sees her as a threat and he wanted her out of the competition. At the start of the show, he also mention that he had did a spell on Danny and want him gone, and now he want Ivy to be sent home. LOL! TRUE OR NOT? You decide.


So after they're done with the photoshoot, they went back to the top model house. At then, commotion between Adam and Mirjana started, with Mirjana being very unhappy about Adam constantly drinking and getting tipsy. This is when Matthew steps in, defending Adam where the argument starts to heat up between the 3 of them.

mirjana 2

At panel, Tyra told them the prizes for this cycle. Which consists of fashion spread in Nylon magazine, a contract with Next Model Management, and a $100,000 prize from GUESS. So after the judges critic each and every contestants/models, here are your bottom 2. (MAJOR SPOILER!!! LOL)

results 2

So yes, Ivy was eliminated thanks to Romeo (LOL!) Now only 13 contestants remain, who are you rooting for? For me, I'm rooting for Will, Shei, Lenox and Matthew! Haha! Who are your favorites?

top 13

Now without further ado, here's episode 3. Enjoy! :)

A little bit off point, but this picture below is from the preview for the next episode, where the contestants/models receive a parcel telling them that they'll be having their MAKEOVERS!!!!

So I manage to capture this shot of Will, and I thought it's rather funny. Hahaha!

will makeover

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