01 September 2013

ANTM Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls Episode 6

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Its a brand new week and that means its time for another episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls.

If you guys haven't watch episode 5, here you go ANTM Cycle 20 Episode 5, if you're a new reader and is looking for episode 1 - 4, here's the post for it ANTM Cycle 20 episode 1 - 4.

So last week, Jourdan got best photo and she gets the key to the Tyra Suite and power to some of the house rules, and so, she picked Nina to share the room with her, as she felt that many of the contestants doesn't like her, especially Renee.

Just when they were allowed to make a phone call to whoever they want, Jourdan and Nina split it equally with both of them having 10 minutes each and the rest of the contestants to 5 minutes each. But Jourdan didn't keep track of her time and ended up using 15 minutes to make the phone call and that kinda pisses the other contestants off, except Jeremy.

During the challenge
The contestants have to act as a fashion correspondents and they are judged by Perez Hilton and Bryan Boy. Jeremy scored a score of perfect 10 and won the challenge, mainly because he showed commitment in what he was told to do, removing both his shirt and pants, and he choose Jourdan to share his prize with.

The one that did not stood out so much was Jiana and Marvin, I feel that Marvin really stayed true to himself because Perez Hilton got famous by randomly bashing people off from the street, and Marvin rather be not famous than doing such things that is against his conscience.

At the commercial shoot
The contestants received news that they're gonna do a fragrance commercial advertisement, but with a twist. It's gonna be a role reversed commercial shoot.

All the guys felt uncomfortable except Cory, which he is used to it because he used to dress up as a drag queen before.

The contestants are allowed to choose who they wanna pair with according to the ranking of the photos last week.

Jourdan chose Jeremy, Nina and Chris H, Phil and Jiana, Don and Kanani, Marvin and Renee, Cory and Alexandra.

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Kanani managed to score a total of 10, 10, 10 from all 3 judges, Jourdan failed to embodied the "goth" look, and the excuse she gave was "SHE DIDN'T KNOW", and it sort of pulls down her score. But the bottom 2 was Jiana and Alexandra.

Here's the ranking of the commercial shoot.

1)  Cory
2)  Kanani
3)  Don
4)  Phil
5)  Jourdan
6)  Chris H
7)  Jeremy
8)  Renee
9)  Nina
10) Marvin
11) Jiana
12) Alexandra (Eliminated)
13) Mike (Eliminated)
14) Chlea (Eliminated)
15) Chris S (Eliminated)
16) Bianca (Eliminated)

Here are Jiana's and Alexandra's score.

Jiana's Score
Tyra Bank: 6
Kelly Cutrone: 8
Rob Evans: 8
Challenge Score: 6
Fan Vote: 7.5

Alexandra's Score
Tyra Bank: 6
Kelly Cutrone: 8
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 7
Fan Vote: 7.7
TOTAL SCORE: 34.70 (Eliminated)

Here's episode 6 for you!!!


Chris made Nina cry!!! I wonder what happened between the both of them!!! Looking at the preview for episode 7, I'm definitely excited!!!

Hahaha! Before I forgot, here's the comback series episode 3 for the eliminated models.

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