08 September 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls Episode 7

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Hello Everybody! Its time for another new update of America's Next Top Model!

Just a quick update from last week. Cory got best video, and has earned his keys to the Tyra Suite, and he chose Jiana to share the room and guess closet prize with him.

The boys, Jeremy, Marvin and Don, decided to play a prank on the girls, they use tape to taped the girls shoes, panties, and socks etc. But ended up, the girls reactions wasn't what the boys had expected. In fact, this made the girls think that its time to team up and make the boys go home one by one. This sort of made Jourdan a little teeny tiny closer to Renee and Kanani.

Then the challenge for this week, the contestants had to  do "Random Acts Of Modeling" and also a campaign for Jackie Fraser-Swan's "Emerson" collection, which was named after her great great great grandfather, AND also editing their photos with flixels.

So based on last week's ranking, Cory, Kanani, Don, (the leaders) will get to choose their team members for the photoshoot. Here are the teams.

- Cory, Jiana, Phil, Chis

- Kanani, Renee, Jourdan

- Don, Marvin, Nina, Jeremy

Despite Don's team having the best photo, but the campaign is actually targeted at female market. So in the end, the winning team was Kanani's team, and the 3 of them they scored a challenge score of 9, followed by Don's team, who scored a challenge score of 7, and lastly, Cory's team whom scored a challenge score of 6.

This angers some of the contestants like Jiana and Chris, as they feel that getting a challenge score of 6 might send them the ticket home. Which Jiana worries ALOT as last week, she also got the same challenge score and it almost got her sent home. As for Chris, he just got so worked up that he flares up at Jiana for "sigh-ing", Nina tried to simmer Chris down but Chris couldn't control his emotions and shoots back at Nina. That broked Nina's heart.

The boys (Don, Marvin, Jeremy, Phil) knew that Renee and Kanani had a fear of Clowns, and decided to play a prank of them, one of the clowns is a wind up sound clown, and they just threw it right at the girls room at the middle of the night. This made Kanani cried, as she has a HUGE fear of clowns, and it sort of affected her performance.

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The contestants have to bring nail art to a whole new level, by taking photos with the theme that is related to America's Next Top Model.

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Each nail art taken by the contestants have a theme to it:

- Jourdan (186 Countries) Countries that has been on ANTM
- Cory (Tyra Nails)
- Don (Fierce Nails)
- Jiana (Tooch Nails)
- Jeremy (Booch Nails)
- Nina (Na Na Na Nails)
- Chris H (H-2-T Nails)
- Renee (Pot Ledom Nails)
- Phil (XX20 Nails)
- Marvin (Flawsome Nails)
- Kanani (Smize Nails)

So during the photoshoot, Jeremy made a comment to Jourdan, saying "remember the time that we kissed", and this sort of ticks Jourdan off. That made a huge impact on Jeremy's performance. As for Kanani, the clown prank incident still trauma's her and it also affected her overall performance.

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It was a shocking double elmination, but well, the day before panel, the Tyra mail already stated that only 9 will continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model.

Despite having much worries, Jiana manage to stay away from the bottom 3. The bottom 3 are Jeremy, Phil and Kanani.

Here are their scores.

Phil's Score
Tyra Bank: 8
Kelly Cutrone: 7
Rob Evans: 7
Challenge Score: 6
Fan Vote: 6.1

Jeremy's Score
Tyra Bank: 7
Kelly Cutrone: 5
Rob Evans: 5
Challenge Score: 7
Fan Vote: 7
TOTAL SCORE: 31.00 (Eliminated)

Kanani's Score
Tyra Bank: 5
Kelly Cutrone: 9
Rob Evans: 5
Challenge Score: 9
Fan Vote: 5.9
TOTAL SCORE: 33.90 (Eliminated)

Here's the ranking of the photoshoot.

1)  Jourdan
2)  Marvin
3)  Cory
4)  Chris H
5)  Don
6)  Renee
7)  Nina
8)  Jiana
9)  Phil
10) Kanani (Eliminated)
11) Jeremy (Eliminated)
12) Alexandra (Eliminated)
13) Mike (Eliminated)
14) Chlea (Eliminated)
15) Chris S (Eliminated)
16) Bianca (Eliminated)

Now only 9 remain! Who do you think will be eliminated next?
Here's your weekly doze of America's Next Top Model!

And here's the comeback series episode 3

A short preview for next episode! I feel that Marvin is abit too much at times, and I'm starting to dislike him! Kanani's elimination was also partly his fault, for playing such pranks on her!

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