05 September 2013

Pamper Yourself @ Luxewomen

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Location: Sembawang MRT Station. Inside a shop name Station 33.
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday & Public Holidays, 11am - 9pm
*other time slots are open for booking, subject to availablity*

Luxe Women is Singapore's first exclusive ladies-only nail trending salon. Aiming to deliver the highest standard of unique nail-art designs & nail-care services in a convenient, affordable and cozy environment.

CHOICES of over 3000 luxurious nail lacquers shades, gel polish colors and nail-art designs. Luxe Women only use reputable brands that are screened by HSA (Health & Safety Authority).

SKILLFUL and experienced nail stylists that are professionally trained and groomed to serve you with the best and latest nail services and nailart techniques with professional consultation. Their nail stylists are mainly from Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam with at least 2 years of experience!

They have 2 other outlets in Singapore. One at Ang Mo Kio, another one located at Yishun. But the one located at Sembawang is the premium and newest outlet. Having all the services anybody could have asked for.

Here are some of the services that is only available exclusively at their premium outlet at Sembawang.

Aims to bring nail spa to a whole new level with their 7 color LED Jacuzzi Foot Bath Therapy and back massage chair. All completed with Aroma scrub and Mask.

Art-Pro Nail Printing
This revolutionary nail printing machine is the first at Luxe Women that creates and print ANY images onto your nails. Now, there is no limit to what you can have on your nails.

Gel Polish
Despite the popularity and price war of gel polish manicure in the market., Luxe Women remains the first in line to provide SAFE and QUALITY gel polish services. With you in mind, they ensure that your natural nails are not damaged throughout the entire gel polish process. What's more, Luxe Women is the ONLY salon that offers a FIVE-days guarantee for your gel polish manicure.

Zu Yue Foot Reflexology which is located next to Luxe Women, is the brother company of theirs. With  professional masseurs, you can be sure to have your most aching muscles softened under their powerful massage hands.

Other than the above mentioned services, Luxe Women also offers, Embroidery Services. Some of the services includes Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips Embroidery, Threading, and Mole Removal.

They also offer Eyebrow Contouring & Eyelash Extensions and Facial & Underwarm Waxing services as well. For more information you can check out their website at

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Was invited by Mag (Modgam) and Damien (UncleTehPeng) to attend an event host by Luxe Women at Sembawang MRT Station.

First I met up with Damien and Malcolm (MalcolmSunny) outside the train station, not knowing what to expect as it was told by Damien that it was a nail salon and we 3 are guys, so we thought it will be kinda awkward for us.

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We first tried the i-SPA service over there. Sat down at the massage chair and soaked our feet in the Jacuzzi Food Bath. Felt like a TaiTai at then. Hahaha!

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From what I've heard. The reason why we need to soak our feet into the Jacuzzi is because it will help clean/remove the bacteria that is on our feet. After soaking, the salon therapist will then use the aroma-scrub to scrub our feet.

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Look at the amount of dead skin I have! So scary!!!

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Headsets and tablets were provided for the customers as well, so as to keep them entertained and wouldn't be bored while getting their service done.

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Look at Malcolm and Joey (iisjong)!!! 
Totally enjoying life to the fullest! Hahahaha!

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After getting our feet scrubbed, we then start to test out the masking, as guys have quite a number of hair growth at our legs, so yea, we can only test drive it on our hands. Hahaha!

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After applying the cream, I swear, my skin feels like its being reborn! Hahaha! It feels like babyskin! Super smooth! This was what they use to apply it onto my skin! :D

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After we're done with the i-SPA service, we then went on to Zu Yue Foot Reflexology, which is just a stone throw away from Luxe Women.

It was my first time getting my massage done by professional masseur. So I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time.

Enjoying life with Damien! Hahah!

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They have headsets and tablets over at Zu Yue Reflexology as well. Haha! But the kiasu me decided to use their headset to watch America's Next Top Model on my phone instead! Teehee!

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For the last 10minute of the massage, the masseur will then help you massage your back and neck, making sure the aches from your body are softened.

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After we're done with our massage, we then head back to Luxe Women to try out the latest nail technology.
I was super impressed by how they can just print the set of picture you want and just print it onto your nails! So amazed!!!

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The super awesome machine where you can choose the designs you want, and just print it onto your nails! If you guys are worried that the printer might scratch your flesh during the process of printing the designs onto your nails, no it doesn't, it does not hurt at all!!!

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Here's the set of nail designs that Joey chose. Hahaha! 
SO NICE!!!! ♥

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A very big thank you to Jaclyn, Director Nail Stylist of Luxe Women, Mag, and Damien for inviting and having over at the event. I really enjoyed myself. :D

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Just for your information again. Luxe Women premium outlet is located at Sembawang Mrt, #01-02. In case you got lost, just give them a call at, Tel: 6755 5586

Ending this post with my newly done nails! YAY! ♥

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