27 September 2013

Makan Makan x Jalan Jalan

[6th September 2013]

Well, the title is a Malay saying of "Eat Eat x Walk Walk", hahaha!
So on the day, I met up with my ITE Higher Nitec mates. :D

Bought tickets to "We're the Millers" at Cineleisure before having our lunch, had our lunch at the usuals, Ayam Penyet, located at Lucky Plaza level 4? or 5? Not too sure about that though.

I Miss this place ALOT, because in the past, we would always come here and eat during our ITE school days, IN OUR FORMAL SCHOOL UNIFORM!!! Hahaha!

 photo P9061620.jpg

 photo P9061626.jpg

Our classic "USUALS",  Fried Chicken Wings + Rice. love the chili, its like sex to the mouth! JUST SAYING!
I can't use any other words to describe how awesome it is!!!

 photo P9061627.jpg

 photo P9061630.jpg

We walked through and fro around town, from Cineleisure to Takashimaya to Orchard ION, and back.

Ohyah! Speaking about Cineleisure, I realized I kept taking photos with the posters inside the mall and didn't really take with the one that is outside the mall. Hahaha!

So here it is! :D

 photo P9061632.jpg

Reached Cineleisure, and we still had a little bit of time left, decided to chill at Frolick. For the first time ever, I couldn't finish a cup of frolick. :(

 photo P9061636.jpg

Walked up to level 6 and took a picture with the One Direction board that many One Direction Fans had been taking. LOLOLOL!

 photo P9061639.jpg

Then its time for our movie!
A very funny and humorous movie! Laughed through out, and its quite heartwarming also.

 photo were-the-millers-poster.jpg

Then we had dinner at Eighteen Chefs, finally I get to eat their Heart Attack Fried Rice again! Ever since after CNOS food tasting! Hahah! Love it to bits! ♥

 photo P9061655.jpg

Their Double Chili Cheese Fries also taste heavenly!

 photo P9061649.jpg

Home Made Ice Lemon Tea

 photo P9061644.jpg

Now before I end this post, I would like to present to you guys, the last and final lifesized poster that is up on Cineleisure! Hahaha!

This was placed at the lift area of level 1. :D

 photo P9061657.jpg

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