11 September 2013


I know I know!!! The title sounds so awkward with just one word, but I just couldn't find any other good titles that fits to this post that I'm about to write.

So yeap! Today I'm gonna be talking about my hair. I personally feel that my hair stands out from most of my friends, because I love to dye crazy hair colors ever since the start of this year. Hahaha!

Throughout my whole hair experience, I didn't have any particular salon that I got get my hair job done. So at first when I dyed my hair, I wanted to choose a very safe color, something that doesn't make me look like a freak when I walk out of my house. So I chose a reddish brown kind of color, and it also looks kinda good on me. :D

 photo IMG_3926.jpg

That was during the month of March 2013, where it was one of the tedious month I ever experience, because it was the period whereby I took part in this annual blogging competition held by Cathay Orchard Cineleisure.

During the competition, I feel the need to change my image so as to make myself stand out more. Therefore I decided to go for more bold colors, eventhough some of my friends say it doens't suit me, but I still went for it, and the color is....

(Taken back during our CNOS Cathay Decoded Race! Pretty Angie and Ziwei!!! I MISS THEM!!!)

 photo IMG_0043.jpg

Blondeee!! Hahaha! I bleached 2 times to get this result because when I first dyed my hair to the reddish brown color, I had to bleach it once in order to let the color sticks to my hair, because previously I kept dyeing black and it results to having super DARK colored hair, therefore I have to bleach it once to remove the black color and then apply to reddish brown color.

For them to remove the reddish brown they had to bleach it TWICE, and I think that sort of damaged my scalp a little??? Hahahaha! Well, maybe not that little.

After the competition, I WON! YAY ME! It sort of like given me the attention of the crowd and some PR's I guess? And thanks to Tiffany Yong, she intro-ed my to Show Image, which was formerly known as Claire's Hair Spa for a sponsored review.

So I can get to choose a hair color that I like and also to do a review on the hair salon, so I picked another color that is quite striking...

 photo P5081281.jpg

Its Ash Grey base with Lilac color on top. But the color soon faded to Ash Grey, because I have a habit of washing my hair twice a day! Hahaha! So it sort of wash off the hair color quickly.


 photo C360_2013-05-14-16-20-10_mr000.jpg

Okay! The above picture is not doing any justice, but you sort of see the ash grey color la. LOL!
Then soon, after a few wash again, it faded off to blonde (again). Hahaha!

 photo P6031801.jpg

I thought to myself, I wanna dye some other colors, some colors that I've never done before yet stands out from the crowd. Guess what color I did next?

 photo P6071871.jpg

It was the most outstanding color I could think of, hahaha! AND AGAIN! It faded after a few washes again! I don't know why, everytime my hair color fades, it became nicer! Alot of people have been commenting saying my hair color is nicer when faded. Hahaha!

 photo P6220229.jpg

It faded to blonde-ish pink. Photo taken at SpunkPunkFunk photoshoot for The Cathay Lifestyle Facebook photo contest.
Soon after, it faded back to blonde again...

 photo P7220456.jpg

I kept this hair color of mine till yesterday, and it became the following color which I'm about to show you guys. I decided to go for a haircut and hair dye yesterday because I feel that my hair is VERY long already and many of my friends have asked me to go for a haircut. So yeap.

 photo P8221172.jpg  photo P8241234.jpg

It became blonde but with brown highlights and some black roots of course! Hahaha! It turned out quite nice I guess? But after much consideration, I've decided to go a haircut and hair dye because I'll be flying to Taiwan at end of September, and I want to have a nice hair for all my photos. Hahaha! So I thought, why not get a haircut earlier and when its time for my Taiwan trip, my hair will grow to a length that is "LOOK-able"...


 photo P8301481.jpg

After I got my haircut, I find that my face looked even rounder!!! I really can't wait for it to grow back to the length it used to be...

Anyways! I dyed Ash Brown this time round, because I still had abit of blonde left on my hair, so the ash brown could get up to my hair, only at certain areas. As for the rest, like my brown and black hair colors faded from the previous hair, it only managed to get 50% of the Ash Brown color, so technically, my hair have like highlights in certain areas as well. Its looking like in different shades of brown. AND I LOVE IT!

 photo P8301477.jpg  photo P8301476.jpg

Here are somemore selfies I took with my new hair! Hahaha!
My friends have told me that I look like I'm 16 all over again with this new short haircut! Hahaha! Okay, I was happy when they said that! Cuz I love looking young! (WHO LOVES LOOKING OLD?!!!)

 photo 2013-09-01-13-53-14_photo_mr1378015232560.jpg  photo 2013-09-01-13-52-13_photo_mr1378015114630.jpg

 photo P8301484.jpg  photo P8301496.jpg

Hahaha! Here are just some tips for you guys who are considering to bleach your hair, to me, I bleached my hair twice at first, and it stings abit. But overall its still bearable, just that when its done, it hurts a little bit. :)

Alot of people have asked me how do I maintain my hair after dyeing and bleaching it so many times, well, I also did treatments when I dyed my hair, as for keeping if healthy?? I wash my hair everyday, haha! That's why the color of my hair fades off very fast, because I keep washing my hair.

I don't know why? If I never wash my hair for one day I'll just feel super gross and dirty! Hahaha! OCD!!!

Now I'm still thinking what color should I do next? Electric Blue? Hahaha! I've told alot of my friend that I wanted to dye Electric Blue but they told me not to! Hahahaha! We shall wait and see I guess? Till my hair grows longer la that is.

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