03 September 2013

Nihon Mura x The Mortal Instruments

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[22nd August 2013, Thursday]

Was supposed to just head out to do my namecard, but the impromptu mention on twitter made me and ZiZi to meet out to have dinner together, because we didn't meet for like more than 6 months already. So why not?

Initially we wanted to have our dinner at Eighteen Chefs at Cineleisure, but then that fella said he wanted to eat Sushi, somemore its $1.50 per plate only. So yeap! We go with the latter.

Him looking at my poster! Hahaha! That ass kept disturbing me! He kept saying out loud "EH! LOOK THE POSTER/BILLBOARD GUY AT THE LEH". Mad paiseh!!!

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Look at the amount he ate compared to mine! I know it looks like the other way round, BUT NO! The taller one is his! He ate a total of $30++ and I only ate like $12++???

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Before going to Nihon Mura to have our dinner, we already bought tickets for "The Musical Instruments" "The Mortal Instruments", alot of people said its not nice, but to me, its one of the best movies I've watched so far this year leh!!!

Wanted to take this "back face my poster" shot for the longest time, but just didn't have to courage to do it! Hahaha! It was so paiseh I tell you! Many people were like looking at us thinking that we're some crazy faggots trying to camwhore! LOLOLOLOL!

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Say hi to me and Pamela! Hahaha! :D

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The day ended quite well I suppose? It was a really impromptu meet up! Hahaha! Glad that me and zizi could catch up abit about what's happening with our lives and such. Except that the fact that another friend of ours couldn't meet us. Oh wells, maybe next time.

Signing off! Toodles~

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