10 September 2013

Percy Jackson x Strictly Pancakes

[29th August 2013]

Bought movie tickets for Percy Jackson at 3.10pm at The Grand Cathay cineplex, then headed to Strictly Pancakes for lunch. It was drizzling and we had to walk x2 speed so that we don't get drenched.

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Candid Shot 

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Reached Prinsep Street, where Strictly Pancakes is located. (Its directly opposite POMO)
Had to wait for around 10 minutes before we were brought in to be seated.

Address: 44A Prinsep St, Prinsep Place, Singapore 188674
Tel No: 6333 4202

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Took photos while waiting for our food to arrive! 

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 photo P8291322.jpg

 photo P8291326.jpg

Ordered the Chic Wings, which costs $8. Not bad I would say, it taste so much better than McWings, hahaha! Just saying.

 photo P8291336.jpg

Chicken A La King - $13

 photo P8291340.jpg

Garlic Buttered Prawns - $14

 photo P8291349.jpg

After our lunch, its time to head back to The Grand Cathay for our movie, was super excited cuz we were watching on the day of its release!

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 photo P8291374.jpg

 photo P8291378.jpg

Overall, I find that the scene where they're killing Cronus abit fast. They should have made it a little bit longer. But nevertheless, the movie was awesome! Can't wait for the next one to be out!!!

After the movie, we walked our way to H&M at Somerset 313 to window shop, then around town as well.

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Then dinner at Cineleisure's Nihon Mura.

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 photo P8291438.jpg

Waiting is always a chore for me, and I turned into a damsel in distress whenever that happens!

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 photo P8291448.jpg

 photo P8291450.jpg


 photo P8291453.jpg

Didn't really take any pictures after this! Hahaha!
That's all for this post. Thanks for reading :)

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