14 September 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 8

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Now its another week on of America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls.
Last week, it was a double elimination and Jeremy and Kanani was sent home. Now only 9 remained.

This episode started off with Marvin sobbing over Jeremy's departure from this competition and he kept on saying how much he miss Jeremy and that knowing the people he is close to will eventually leave in this competition just makes him sad.

Then its off to the challenge, whereby its split into 2 parts, the 1st part, the models will have answer a set of questions that is related to the modeling industry and also ANTM, and once they answered a question correct, they will earn a specific amount of credits for part 2 of the challenge. I tried answering the questions while watching and I was so amazed at myself because I manage to get all the questions right!!! Hahaha!

As for the 2nd part of the challenge, the contestants will have to find a killer look for MyEveryNeed.Com, and the challenge winner will win a $2000 Credit gift card.

In the end, Don was the winner, hahaha! I kinda find Don abit funny in some ways, and his eyes are damn nice I swear! For winning the challenge, he can also get to pick 1 guy and 1 girl to go have Ice Cream with him (HOW RANDOM)! And he picked Marvin and Renee to go with him.

At the top model house, the contestants saw their challenge score, and Marvin was pissed off with Chris because he felt that Chris doesn't deserve a 7 when Marvin himself scored only a 6!

And because of that, Marvin tried to stir up a scene by finding trouble with Chris, pissing him off by saying nasty things to him! (POOR CHRIS)

Like last week, Phil and Jiana got the lowest challenge score, with a score of 5!

The contestants have to do a photoshoot by being a frozen sculpture and also being thrown by paint (which will be the flixel for this photoshoot)

Jourdan, Cory, Nina and Renee stood out, whereas Jiana, Phil, Marvin and Chris struggled. In the end, it was Phil and Jiana who were in the bottom 2, and Jiana was sent home. What's worst is that the score between Jiana and Phil is only a mere 0.1!!!

Now here's the ranking for this week's photoshoot:

1. Jourdan
2. Renee
3. Nina
4. Chris H
5. Cory
6. Don
7. Marvin
8. Phil
9. Jiana (Eliminated)
10) Kanani (Eliminated)
11) Jeremy (Eliminated)
12) Alexandra (Eliminated)
13) Mike (Eliminated)
14) Chlea (Eliminated)
15) Chris S (Eliminated)
16) Bianca (Eliminated)

Here's Phil and Jiana's scores:

Phil's Score
Tyra Bank: 7
Kelly Cutrone: 5
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 5
Fan Vote: 4

Jiana's Score
Tyra Bank: 7
Kelly Cutrone: 5
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 5
Fan Vote: 3.9
TOTAL SCORE: 26.90 (Eliminated)

Now only 8 remains! Who do you think will be eliminated next? I really want Marvin to go, because he is so fake! Always crying and gaining sympathy!!!

Now for your weekly dose of America's Next Top Model! Here's episode 8 for you! :D

This is the preview for next week! :D
P/S: I might not be able to post next week's episode on time because I'm going overseas. But I'll try, if I can...

I can't wait for the upcoming episodes! It's gonna be so cool!!! Next week the eliminated models will comeback!!! YAY! But I think they're gonna show/announce who is coming back on episode 10 at the beginning of the show.

Now here's the comeback series for episode 4


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