29 September 2013

ANTM Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls Episode 9 & 10

Hello! ALL! Miss me? Hahaha! I'm finally back from my Taiwan trip! It was a blast! Celebrated my 21st birthday there as well! Haha!

Today I'm here to blog about the very overdue ANTM Cycle 20 Episode 9 and the latest recap episode (Episode 10). Here we go!!!

 photo cover.jpg

Jourdan got best photo on episode 7 (Paint Art Photoshoot), and she got 10 from all 3 judges. Since she got best photo, and she won the Tyra Suite, she decided to share the prize with Renee (LIKE WTF) Hahaha!

Then, Renee told Jourdan that she has a secret, and that she has feelings for Marvin. I personally don't really like Marvin, I feel that his photo is not that great and that he gives the same face every single week on the photoshoot.

Now that Jiana is gone, Marvin starts to flirt with Renee. First is Hayley, then Bianca, Chlea, and then Jiana. Now Renee.

After which, the contestants had to go for castings, and this will be judged and given as their challenge scores as well. Jourdan thought she had it in the bag, but ended up, her personality was too blank and reason being, she look like a typical model and she doesn't really stand out from the rest of the girls.

In the end, Renee booked all the fashion shows, same as Don. Marvin and Jourdan didn't book any.

Here's the challenge scores of the contestants.

Renee - 10
Don - 9
Chris H - 8
Cory - 8
Phil - 8
Nina - 7
Marvin - 6
Jourdan - 6

Then, for the photoshoot. The contestants have to lay down on the grass doing magical couture shots. Chris H stood out! He looked like the most "MODEL-LY" among the guys! ♥

Jourdan tried to get back at Renee for treating Jourdan with disrespect by scaring her with a frog, because Renee is scared of everything. Haha!

 photo 1234436_513337508743329_794791209_n.jpg

 photo 602379_513337515409995_1549263125_n.jpg

The guys and Renee are debating on whether a guy or a girl will win this cycle, and that this competition is more of a Male dominated or Female dominated competition.

 photo 575231_513337488743331_170509784_n.jpg

Phil was again critic for his feminine eyes in his photoshoot, and Marvin for looking like a boy instead of a man in his photos. In the end, both Marvin and Phil are in the bottom 2.

Here's the scores for both Marvin and Phil

Phil's Score
Tyra Bank: 5
Kelly Cutrone: 7
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 8
Fan Vote: 4.3
TOTAL SCORE: 30.30 (Eliminated)

Marvin's Score
Tyra Bank: 8
Kelly Cutrone: 8
Rob Evans: 6
Challenge Score: 6
Fan Vote: 3.9

After Phil's eliminated, he was told by Tyra that he can possibly comeback, and the moment is right now. That shocked everyone, and Phil was happy for awhile, not until the rest of the eliminated contestants walk out from backstage. Hahah! Phil's expression changed, totally.

Tyra then announce that after this, the remaining contestants (ACTUALLY ALL OF THEM DID) will be flying to Bali which is the overseas destination for this cycle.

Then it was announced, the comeback contender for this cycle is Alexandra, who cameback with a social media score of 7.00, which was so much higher than Leila's from Cycle 19 with a 5.8++

But when Alexandra's name was announced, Tyra then revealed another news, being Cycle 20 Boys VS Girls, and that the name she announced was Alexandra (A GIRL), they will have another comeback contender, among the 3 eliminated guys. 

Here's your final 8! 

 photo Final8.jpg

who do you think will come back and join the rest?

 photo 157042_437099693033778_1204720918_n.jpg

 photo 313313_437099543033793_1922466607_n.jpg

 photo 164482_437099746367106_549507859_n.jpg

Now for the long awaited. Here's episode 9 for you guys!

There's nothing much for episode 10 (recap episode) to talk about. So I'm just gonna cut it short and post the link here. Enjoy! :D

ANTM Cycle 20 Episode 10

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