24 September 2013

Legally 21

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Not feeling happy, yet not feeling sad about it! I'm currently now in Taiwan celebrating my 21st birthday. Hahah!

I don't know how should I feel though, turning 21 is like another step closer to adult hood, and I don't wanna turn into an adult so soon! :(((

Now for my birthday wish, I wish that my family will be in good health, and also prosper with more chances to travel to other countries together as a family!

Other than my family, I wish that my education in Polytechnic will be a good one! Not asking for fantastic results, but just average enough to get a stable job, and also less trouble.

Then, for my blog, I wish for more blog readership? More sponsors? Hint Hint!! I'm looking for hair and contact lens sponsors! Haha! And more blogging opportunities!!! Hopefully, I can see my name in one of the categories for Singapore Blog Awards 2014. Maybe even internationally!! Hahah!

As for my last wish, I know this sounds abit insane but, after watching season and seasons of America's Next Top Model, I'm so inspired to be a model! HAHAHAHA! JOKE, I KNOW!

Whenever I told my friends I wanted to be a model as my job/career in the future, they gagged and laughed! Hahaha! Okay la! I know its quite impossible also given for my size. But oh wells, it doesn't hurt to put it as one of my wishlist right? Hahaha!

I think that's about it? I shall now enjoy the remaining days I have in Taiwan. Now here's wishing myself a Happy Birthday!!! (Okay I sound quite sad when I wish myself....) LOLOLOLOL!!!

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